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1How quickly can you deliver ?
For in stock things, we can do same day send outs for those clients that demand surge orders. We should get your request before twelve on the off chance that you might want the thing sent out that same day. The delivery speeds we offer are 3-Day or Ground for local shipments. Global shipments commonly take shipping organizations a couple of business days to convey. For things that are not in stock, the conveyance timetable will fluctuate in light of the thing. Kindly contact our business group to ask whether a material is in stock.
2What shipping organizations do you utilize? Would you be able to transport 'cargo gather'?
We utilize FedEx or DHL – whichever you lean toward. Indeed, we can deliver 'cargo gather' against your record with any of these delivery organizations.
3Are there any other costs?
Apart from the product costs and shipping costs, we charge SHE Accredition fees & Handling fees. The only exception is when a shipment contains a hazardous material and is shipped ‘freight collect’. Note that your country’s customs may impose taxes / fees / duties; these are not our responsibility.
4Would you be able to custom-make an item for me?
On the off chance that there is a nanoparticle that we don't have in stock, at that point yes, it is by and large workable for us to get it created for you. We would do a custom assembling hurried to create it. Be that as it may, this approach is commonly appropriate for our modern clients, since it typically requires (an) at least kg-sized amounts requested, (b) a great many dollars of overhead expenses, and (c) periods of lead time. On the off chance that intrigued, please email deals with subtle elements of what you are searching for.
5On the off chance that a material is right now in stock, can you 'hold' it for me?
Not in all cases. Our materials are sold with need given to clients whose installment we get to start with, and whose conveyance guidelines we get first. Hence, if installment postponements or transportation correspondence delays are keeping us from finishing your request, another client may get need.
6Can you draw up a quote / proforma invoice for me?
Our sales team provides official quotes for you. However, you must first specify the billing address, shipping address, e-mail address, phone number and shipping method (i.e., shipping speed, whether or not it is shipping ‘freight collect’, etc.). We cannot create an accurate quote without this information.