Have You Any Question

1I can't find the material or size that I'm searching for. Would you have the capacity to make it for me?
We routinely manufacture custom materials for our clients. Kindly visit our custom synthesis page for more information.
2How fast would you be able to deliver?
International shipments typically take shipping companies a few business days to deliver. For items that are not in stock, the delivery schedule will vary based on the item. Please contact our sales team to inquire whether a material is in stock. For in stock materials, we can do same day deliver outs to those clients that demand rush forward orders. We should get your request in the first half of office hours if you might want the materials to be transported out that same day. The transportation speeds we offer is 3-Day or Ground for household shipments. Worldwide shipments regularly take a couple of business days to deliver. For materials that are not in stock, the conveyance time will differ according to the type of material. It would be ideal if you contact our sales group to ask whether a material is in stock.
3What shipping organizations do you utilize? Would you be able to send ‘freight collect’?
We utilize FedEx or DHL. Anyone you have a preference. Truly, we can deliver ‘freight collect’ against your account with any of these transportation organizations.
4Are there some other expenses?
Aside from the materials cost and dispatching costs, we charge SHE Accreditation expenses and Handling expenses. The main exemption is the point at which a shipment contains a risky material and is transported ‘freight collect’. Note that your country’s customs may impose taxes / fees / duties; these are not our obligation.
5What is the complete procedure to order a product from Nanoreserach Elements Inc.?
Step 1 - Ask for Quote Step 2 - Ask for ProForma Invoice Step 3 - Send out the payment via Online Bank Transfer/Demand Draft/Bank Telegraphic Transfer Step 4 - Product shipped out within 2 days
6Would you be able to provide a quote/pro forma receipt for me?
Our sales professionals give official quotes to you. In any case, you should first indicate the billing address, shipping address, email address, telephone number and delivering technique (i.e., shipping speed, regardless of whether it is shipping 'cargo gather', and so on.). We can't make an accurate quote without this data.
7Do you recognize purchase orders?
We recognize buy orders from clients that have a record of credit payment with us. You can fax, email or mail the purchase order to us. It would be ideal if you ensure the purchase order has both the organization/ institution letterhead and authorized signature on it. Likewise, you must indicate the billing address, shipping address, contact person, email address, telephone number and shipping technique. For worldwide requests: kindly don't submit purchase orders written in languages other than English.
8How can I make payment for my orders?
Three convenient ways to pay for your orders:
1.Credit Card: VISA and MasterCard are accepted.
2.Check: Please make your check payable to " Nano Research Elements.", and mail it to the address listed on the bottom of this page.
3.Wire Transfer: We accept direct bank wire transfers. Upon your request, our account information will be sent to you after your purchase.(Charges-$20 for all wire transfer transactions).
9Would you be able to coat nanomaterials with other capping agents or biomolecules?
We routinely functionalize our materials with elective capping agents or biomolecules for our clients. Kindly see our custom synthesis page for more data.
10Do you ship internationally?
Yes. We have provided materials to researchers in more than 30 countries, and ship our materials worldwide.
11What is your production volume?
Our proprietary technologies allow us to fabricate 10's, 100's or 1000's of grams per batch, and to provide significant discounts for large quantity orders. Please contact us for more information.
12My nanoparticles settle out of solution- is this normal?
Yes, it is normal for larger gold and silver nanoparticles to settle to the bottom of the storage container. This is completely reversible, simply shake the container for 10-30 seconds until the nanoparticles have redispersed into the solution prior to using the material. If there is a destabilization event, the color will usually change dramatically and it is clear that the particles have aggregated.
13If a material is currently in stock, can you ‘reserve’ it for me?
Not in all cases. Our materials are sold with priority given to customers whose payment, we receive first, and whose delivery instructions we receive first. Thus, if payment delays or shipping-communication delays are preventing us from completing your order, another customer may get priority.