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Carbon Quantum Dots

Carbon quantum dots (CQDs) have been established as a new member of nanocarbons. Significant optoelectronic properties are observed with Carbon quantum dots (CQDs), together with efficient light absorption, variable photoluminescence (PL), unique up-conversion PL and noticeable electron transportability, which mark Carbon quantum dots (CQDs) a critical component with abundant potential within the design of efficient visible-light-driven photocatalysts.

Carbon Quantum Dots
Product No. NRE-61001
Concentration 25mg/ml
Purity 99.9%
Formula C
Florescence Blue 450±10, Green 510±10, Red 620±10
APS <10 nm
Solvent Water
Quantum Yield 40-80%
FWHM <30nm
Form Liquid / Powder

Carbon Quantum dots