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CNTs Conductive Electrostatic Water-based Coatings

CNTs Conductive Electrostatic Water-based Coatings
Product No NRE-24060
CAS No. 7440-44-0
Ignited temperature NA
Thermal Conductivity > 3,000 [W/(m·K)]
Electric Conductivity > 100 S/cm
True Density 2.1g/cm3
Tap Density 0.28g/cm3
Special Surface Area(SSA) >110m2/g(BET)
Average Length 02-8 um (TEM)
Average Diameter <20 nm (can be customized)

CNTs straightforward static conductive water-based coatings scattering (CNTs Conductive electrostatic coatings)

1, as per clients of straightforward conductive necessities, the covering can be utilized specifically or weakened with deionized water to utilize 0-1 times.

2, reasonable for gravure covering, roller covering, splash covering, and plunge covering;

3, drying conditions: 70-80oC ~ 1min dried with hot air;

4, prescribed wet film thickness: 10-12um. Development measurement proposal: 200m2/kg.

CNTs straightforward static conductive water-based covering scattering

CNTs with a little width and high conductivity property, it is a perfect practical filler in straightforward static conductive covering.

Because of the stable physical and concoction properties of carbon nanotubes, so this covering has a lasting hostile to static capacity, electrical properties won’t rot.

Since the carbon nanotube conductive system solid against disfigurement capacity, so this paint is reasonable for electrostatic insurance in a plastic sheet, antistatic security film, and tape with extremely stable conductive properties.