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COOH Functionalized Graphitized MWCNTs (>99.9%, OD: 10-20nm)

Graphitized high purity multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) were produced by a low temperature CVD method and subsequently annealed about twenty (20) hours under condition of inert gas at temperatures between 1600 and 3000°C. These products were characterized for chemical purity, interlayer spacing, and defect healing. The graphitization procedure was found to remove residual metal catalyst in the nanotubes and reduce the wall defects as reflected in a reduced interlayer spacing between the graphene shells. The graphitized MWNTs have the highest graphite crystallization, the high electrical conductivity and the excellent inoxidizability. The electrical conductivity of the graphitized MWNTs is very close to that of graphite powder. And its ignition temperature can reach 800°C.

COOH Functionalized Graphitized MWCNTs
Product No NRE-40001
Formula NA
Purity Carbon nanotubes > 99.9wt%
Average Diameter 10-20 nm
Average Length 10-30  um (TEM)
Special Surface Area(SSA) >100m2/g(BET)
Tap Density NA
True Density 2.1g/cm3
Electric Conductivity > 100 S/cm

COOH Functionalized Graphitized MWCNTs Nanotubes 

Potential applications of carbon nanotubes are: (1) additives in polymers; (2) catalysts; (3) electron field emitters for cathode-ray lighting elements; (4) flat panel display; (5) gas-discharge tubes in telecom networks; (6) electromagnetic-wave absorption and shielding; (7) energy conversion; (8) lithium-battery anodes; (9) hydrogen storage; (10) nanotube composites (by filling or coating); (11) nanoprobes for STM, AFM, and EFM tips; (12) nanolithography; (13) nanoelectrodes; (14) drug delivery; (15) sensors; (16) reinforcements in composites; (17) supercapacitor.