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Copper Silicate Powder

Copper Silicate Powder

Copper Silicate Powder
Product No NRE-11081
CAS No. 1344-72-5
Formula CuO3Si
Density 3.11 g/cm³
APS <40µm (Can be Customized)
Purity 99.9%
Form Powder
Molecular Weight 139.63 g/mol


Certificate Of Analysis
Si 20.1%
Cu 45.5%
O 34.3%
Ti 0.03%
Cr 0.02%
Sn 0.01%
B 0.01%

Copper Silicate Powder

Copper silicate powder has various applications across different industries due to its unique properties and characteristics. Some of the common applications of copper silicate powder are as follows:

Ceramic Industry: Copper silicate powder is used in the ceramic industry for glaze formulations. It is known for its ability to provide unique colors and textures to ceramic products. It can impart a range of hues from blue to green, depending on the concentration and application method, making it popular for decorative and artistic ceramics.

Pigments: Copper silicate powder is utilized as a pigment in paints, coatings, and inks. Its vivid blue and green colors make it a sought-after choice for various artistic and industrial applications. It can be used in both water-based and oil-based systems, providing versatility in different types of paints and coatings.

Glass Industry: The addition of CuO3Si powder to glass formulations can give the glass a distinct greenish tint. It is often used in the production of decorative glass items and specialty glass products. The unique coloration provided by copper silicate enhances the aesthetic appeal of glass products, making them suitable for various architectural and decorative purposes.

Catalysts: CuO3Si powder can also be used as a catalyst in various chemical reactions. Its catalytic properties are utilized in different industrial processes, such as the production of fine chemicals, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals. The presence of copper in the silicate structure helps facilitate specific chemical reactions, making it a valuable component in catalytic systems.

Agriculture: In some cases, CuO3Si powder can be used in agricultural applications. It may be employed as a source of copper in micronutrient fertilizers to address copper deficiencies in soils. Adequate copper levels are essential for the growth and development of plants, and the controlled application of copper silicate powder can help maintain optimal copper levels in the soil.

Chemical Industry: CuO3Si powder finds application in various chemical processes, such as the synthesis of other compounds or materials. Its unique chemical properties make it useful as a component in the production of specific chemicals and compounds used in diverse industries.