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Gold Nanodispersion

Gold Nanodispersion – This product is a very stable complex silver solution with ultra-small nano-particles, has a very good anti-bacterial and anti-yellowing properties. The product is for research purpose! (To dilute it to your desired concentration, only add pure water and shake it up!)

Gold Nanodispersion
Product No NRE-22008
CAS No. 7440-57-5
Formula Au
Molecular Weight 196.967 g/mol
APS <14nm (can be customized)
Purity 99.99%
Color  Purple
Form Liquid
Concentration 10-1000 PPM
Solvent Water (As per requirement)
pH 7±0.5

Gold Nanodispersion / Dispersion

This product does not contain other chemical components. It is safe, non-toxic, and environmental protection. The product is for the purpose of research and development! (To dilute it to your desired concentration, only add pure water and shake it up!)


1. The nanopowder water dispersion should be prevented from sunlight.
2. The product is for research and development purpose and the user must be a professional person (This person must know how to use this product.)

Gold Nanodispersion Product Features:

Gold Nanodispersion is produced by using the high purity of 99.99 percent gold as raw material, went through a very rigorous scientific preparation process of Gold Dispersion. The non-toxic, odorless, safe, reliable, purple exterior solution to consumption level. Nanometer gold particles have a very good catalytic function and can effectively get rid of free radicals in human bodies.A

Gold Nanodispersion Applications:

Added to the cosmetic product playing a role of whitening, anti-aging, and emollients; Food colorants organisms; Genetic identification; Environmental purification products for refining; Used in food, cosmetics as preservatives; Applied to the production of antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory drugs, and medical equipment, health supplies, beauty care equipment. Living daily commodity, such as food, beverages, nano-gold soap, toothbrushes, all kinds of beauty mask etc…