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Indium Oxide Nanoparticles

Indium Oxide Nanoparticles

Indium Oxide Nanoparticles
Product No NRE-3026
CAS No. 1312-43-2
Formula In2O3
APS <100nm  (Can be Customized)
Purity 99.9%
Color yellow powder
Molecular Weight 277.64 g/mol
Density 7.18 g/cm3
Melting Point 1910 °C
Boiling Point NA

Indium oxide Nanoparticles  

In2O3 nanoparticles are an important n-type semiconductor with large forward band gaps of 3.55-3.75 eV. It has interesting properties such as high transparency to visible light, high electrical conductance, and strong interaction between some poisonous gas molecules and their surfaces. These properties make Indium oxide nanoparticles an attractive material for a variety of applications including solar cells, panel displays, organic light-emitting diodes, photocatalysts, architectural glazing, and field emission. Furthermore,In2O3 nanoparticles are an important material for semiconductor gas sensors. Recently, researches on the preparation of In2O3 nanostructures with various shapes, such as nanotubes, nanocells, nanofibers, threads, and nanoparticles, have been widely emphasized to extend their technological applications. Among these nanostructures, nanoparticle-shaped In2O3 nanoparticles has been intensively investigated for use as a promising material for gas sensor applications. Until now, In2O3 nanoparticles have been synthesized with different techniques including sol-gel technique, pulsed laser deposition, thermal decomposition, thermal hydrolysis, microemulsion, spray pyrolysis, chemical mechanical processing, induction hybrid and laser heating (HILH) method, non-aqueous synthesis and hydrothermal synthesis. Among other established synthesis methods, simple and inexpensive ways to synthesize nanocrystalline In2O3 using inexpensive, non-toxic and environmentally friendly precursors remain the key questions.