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InP/ZnS quantum dots stabilized with oleylamine ligands, fluorescence λem 530 nm, 5 mg/mL in toluene

InP/ZnS core shell nanocrystals are Cadmium free/heavy metal free quantum dots suitable for different applications like light emitting diodes (LEDs; display; biomedical applications. The toxicity of Cd compounds and the corresponding regulations worldwide makes these InP/ZnS quantum dots as more desirable alternatives for consumer applications…

InP/ZnS quantum dots
Product No. NRE-55001
Concentration 5mg/ml
Purity 99.9%
Formula InP/ZnS
Florescence Λem 530nm
APS <10nm
Solvent Toluene
Quantum Yield 40-80%
FWHM <30nm
Form Liquid

InP/ZnS quantum dots