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Lithium Aluminium Alloy Powder

Lithium Aluminium Alloy Powder

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Lithium Aluminium Alloy Powder
Product No NRE-900110
CAS No. 87871-87-2
Formula Al-Li
Molecular Weight 33.9 g/mol
APS <40 um  (Can be Customized)
Purity 99.9%
Density 1.56 g/cm3
Color Gray
Melting Point 718 °C
Boiling Point NA

Lithium Aluminium Alloy Powder

1) Aircraft parts such as leading and trailing edges, access covers, seat tracks, and wing skins.

2) Military Applications: – Certain types of military aircraft parts like the main wing box, center fuselage,

and control surfaces are made with Al-Li alloys. Al-Li alloys are used as substitutes for conventional Al alloys

in helicopters, rockets, and satellite systems.

3) Space Applications: – Of all the benefits offered, by the use of Al-Li alloys, weight savings is the most

critical in space applications. Al-Li alloy is a candidate material for the cryogenic tankage of booster

systems. These alloys are used in cryogenic applications, for example, liquid oxygen and hydrogen fuel

tanks for aerospace vehicles.