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Lutetium Fluoride Powder

Lutetium Fluoride Powder

Lutetium Fluoride Powder
Product No NRE-11158
CAS 13760-81-1
Purity 99.9%
Formula LuF3
APS <40um (can be customized)
Color White
Molecular Weight 231.97 g/mol
Density 8.29 g/cm3
Melting Point 1184 °C
Boiling Point 2200 °C

Lutetium Fluoride Powder

Lutetium fluoride is a chemical compound composed of lutetium and fluorine. It is known for its high melting point and has several unique properties that make it suitable for various applications. Some of the potential applications of lutetium fluoride powder include:

Scintillators: Lutetium fluoride has shown promise in the development of scintillation materials. These materials are used in medical imaging devices like positron emission tomography (PET) scanners, as well as in high-energy physics experiments.

Optical coatings: Lutetium fluoride is sometimes used in thin film coatings for optical components due to its high refractive index and low optical losses. These coatings can be applied to lenses, mirrors, and other optical devices to enhance their performance.

Ceramics and glass manufacturing: Lutetium fluoride can be used in the production of certain ceramics and glasses. Its unique properties can impart specific characteristics to these materials, making them suitable for various industrial and research applications.

Nuclear reactors: Lutetium is known for its ability to absorb thermal neutrons. Lutetium fluoride can be used in the control rods of nuclear reactors to regulate the rate of fission in the reactor core.

Research and development: Lutetium fluoride powder is also used in various research and development applications, especially in fields such as material science, chemistry, and physics. Its unique properties make it valuable for studies that require high-performance materials.

Semiconductor industry: Lutetium fluoride has potential applications in the semiconductor industry, especially in the development of high-performance electronic devices. Its use can enhance the performance and efficiency of certain semiconductor materials.

Catalysts: Lutetium fluoride may be employed as a catalyst in certain chemical reactions, owing to its unique chemical properties. It can facilitate the transformation of reactants into products more efficiently in specific chemical processes.

Phosphors: Lutetium fluoride is also used in the production of phosphors, which are materials that emit light when exposed to radiation. These phosphors find applications in various lighting and display technologies.