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Magnesium Powder Spherical

Magnesium Powder Spherical

Magnesium Powder Spherical
Product No NRE-60104
Purity 99.9%
Mesh 30-500 mesh
Color Silver Gray


Commodity name Magnesium Powder Spherical
Manufacturing method centrifugal atomization
Appearance silver grey spherical powder
PSD 20-500mesh
Purity 99.9%min
Package 0.5-5kg/bag or 50-200kg/drum


Shape spherical
Proportion of Sphere /% ≥95
Apparent density/g·cm-3 0.90(min)
Real density/g·cm-3 1.73
Fluidity/s·(50g)-1 78.6
Moisture absorption rate /% 0.01
Active Mg content /% 99.0(min)
Calorific value/kJ/g 26.09
Calorific density/kJ/cm3 45.39






Moisture/%(max) 0.05
Insoluble material in HCl /%(max) 0.13
Oil & grease/%(max) 0.00
Fe/%(max) 0.01
Mn/%(max) 0.008
Zn/%(max) 0.008
Cl/%(max) 0.003

Magnesium powder Spherical

High purity atomized magnesium spherical powder is widely used in fields such as aviation, domestic

Defense, composite materials, powder metallurgy, petrochemical catalysts, electronic coatings, medicine,

It is widely used in defense, polyolefin catalyst, high-end welding consumables, high purity metal reducing agent, Grignard’s reagent, 3D printing, Mg-based hydrogen storage alloy, and other fields. It solved the problems of low purity, poor fluidity, small bulk density, high moisture absorption rate, poor stability, and reproducibility of traditional mechanical magnesium powder.

Magnesium and spraying molten metal under the protection of an inert atmosphere. Known sprayed spherical magnesium powder of high purity.

with outstanding characteristics of high bulk density, high active magnesium content, high fluidity, high stability, small particle size and small

specific surface, and so on.