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MAX Phase Vanadium Aluminum Carbide Powder

MAX Phase Vanadium Aluminum Carbide Powder

MAX Phase Vanadium Aluminum Carbide Powder

Product No. NRE-58007
CAS No. 1019635-34-7
Formula V4AlC3
Molecular Weight 266.77 g/mol
APS < 40 μm
Purity 99.9%
Form Powder


Certificate of Analysis

V 76.3%
Al 10.1%
C 13.5%
Sn 0.03%
Mn 0.02%
Fe 0.01%
O 0.03%

MAX Phase Vanadium Aluminum Carbide Powder

Max phase powders, short for MAX phases, refer to a class of materials that exhibit a unique combination of properties from both ceramics and metals. The term “MAX” stands for the three main elements in their composition: M (transition metal), A (element from group 13 or 14), and X (carbon or nitrogen). These materials have a layered crystal structure and offer a range of interesting properties, making them suitable for various applications. Here are some common applications of Max phase powders:

High-Temperature Coatings:

Max phase materials are known for their excellent thermal stability and resistance to oxidation at high temperatures. They can be used as coatings on materials that require protection from extreme heat and harsh environments.

Cutting Tools and Wear-Resistant Materials:

The combination of metallic and ceramic properties makes Max phase materials suitable for cutting tools and wear-resistant applications. They exhibit high hardness and toughness, making them ideal for tools that require both wear resistance and strength.

Electronic and Thermal Conductors:

Some Max phase compounds have good electrical and thermal conductivity properties. These materials can be used in electronic devices, as well as in applications where efficient heat transfer is crucial.

High-Temperature Structural Components:

Max phase materials can be employed in the aerospace and automotive industries for manufacturing components that need to withstand high temperatures and mechanical stress.

Biomedical Applications:

Some Max phase compounds have biocompatible properties, which can be advantageous for certain biomedical applications. For instance, they might be used in implants or coatings that interact favorably with biological tissues.

Energy Storage Devices:

Max phase materials, with their combination of metallic and ceramic features, may find applications in energy storage devices, such as batteries and supercapacitors, where high-temperature stability and conductivity are essential.