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Nickel Alloy Powder For 3D Printing

The main application of 3D printing metal powder;




Medical instruments

Military industry

Product No. Nickel Base Alloy Powder Composition (%) O (%) A.D.g/cm3 Particle Size
NRE-60006 NRE-Inconel 718 Ni50-55,Cr17-21,Mo2.8-3.3,Nb+Ta4.75-5.5, 0.05-0.1 3.8-5.0 15-45 µm,
20-63 µm,
45-150 µm,
D50 10-15 µm,
D50 1-2 µm,
D50 0.5-1  µm.
NRE-Inconel 625 Cr20-23, Mo8-10
NRE-Hastelloy X Cr20.5-23, Mo8-10, Fe17-20
NRE-Hastelloy C Cr15-16.5, Mo15-17, Fe40,W3-4.5,Co1.5-2.5
NRE-Invar Ni35-37,Fe Bal 3.5-4.5
NRE-Kovar Ni28.5-29.5, Co16.8-17.8, Fe BalCu3-5, 3.0-4.5

Nickel Alloy Powder For 3D Printing