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Organic Silver Nano Dispersion

Among metal nanoparticles, the Organic Silver Nano Dispersion has gained increasing attention thanks to its unique physical, biological and chemical properties. The Organic Silver Nano Dispersion is known to exhibit strong antimicrobial activity against various microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi, due to its smaller size and large surface area. The antimicrobial dispersion of nanosilver is also widely used as antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties.
The Organic Silver Nano Dispersion is particularly exceptional for its potential applications in the health sector, textile fibers, food packaging, and antibacterial fields. Furthermore, the Organic Silver Nano Dispersion is considered non-toxic or less harmful to mammalian tissues and ecological if used in relatively low concentrations with the same size and shape. In recent years, extensive related research has been conducted to better utilize the Organic Silver Nano Dispersion for bacterial inhibition, however, there is an ongoing debate on the antibacterial mechanism of action of the Organic Silver Nano Dispersion.

Organic Silver Nano Dispersion
Product No. NRE-22026
CAS No. 7440-22-4
Formula Ag
Molecular Weight 107.868 g/mol
Purity 99.9%
Concentration 1000ppm
Solvent Water
Form Liquid
Certificate Of Analysis
Ag 99.9 %
O 0.02 %
C 0.02 %
Ni 0.02 %
Cu 0.02 %
Na 0.02 %

Organic Silver Nano Dispersion

Organic Silver Nano Dispersion contains other chemical components. It is safe, non-toxic, and environmental protection. The product is for the purpose of research and development! (To dilute it to your desired concentration, only add pure water and shake it up!)

Anti-bacteria properties:-

1) Broad-spectrum bactericidal. It can kill 650 kinds of bacteria with a bactericidal rate of 99.99% in a few minutes, including Staphylococcus aureus, E.coli, Candida albicans, and so on. The broad-spectrum bactericidal properties of  Silver Nano Dispersion can prevent bacterial infections from the source.

2) Strong penetration sterilization, sterilization rate up to 99.99%. Its  Antivirus Effect report shows: The Dispersion particles have superior permeability and may quickly penetrate into subcutaneous tissue for sterilization, and have strong bactericidal action against common bacteria, stubborn bacteria, drug-resistant bacteria and deep tissue infection caused by fungi.

3) Durable antibacterial, prevent secondary infection. Its antibacterial can produce a protective film for lasting inhibit the bacteria, and quickly repair the wound, prevent secondary infection.

4) No chemical addition, safe and non-irritating. The US Public Health Bureau’s 1990 “Investigation Report on Silver Toxicity” states that silver has no obvious side effects on the human body It is a topical drug with a low silver content and is that the safe method to use it.

5) Repair and regenerative damaged skin. Its particles can remove saprophytic muscles, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory to improve the microcirculation of tissues around the wound, effectively activate and promote the growth of tissue cells, accelerate wound healing and reduce the formation of scars.

6) Physical sterilization mechanism, no resistance. Its solution can effectively avoid repeated attacks due to drug resistance.