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Scandium Fluoride Powder

Scandium Fluoride Powder

Scandium Fluoride Powder
Product No NRE-11215
CAS No. 13709-47-2
Formula ScF3
Molecular Weight 101.95 g/mol
APS <40 um(can be customized)
Purity 99%
Density 2.53 g/cm3
Color White
Melting Point 1552° C
Boiling Point 1607 °C

Scandium Fluoride powder

Scandium fluoride powder, with the chemical formula ScF3, is a compound composed of the rare earth metal scandium and the halogen fluorine. This material has several unique properties that make it suitable for various applications in different fields. Some of the applications of scandium fluoride powder include:

Optical Coatings: Scandium fluoride powder can be used in the production of optical coatings for various lenses, mirrors, and other optical devices. Its high transparency in the infrared spectrum makes it useful in infrared optical systems.

Ceramics: ScF3 powder can be incorporated into ceramics to improve their properties, such as hardness and durability. It can enhance the strength and heat resistance of ceramic materials, making them suitable for use in high-temperature environments.

Fluoride Glass Manufacturing: Scandium fluoride can be utilized in the production of fluoride glass, which is known for its high transparency in the infrared range. These glasses find applications in fiber optics, infrared optics, and other specialized optical systems.

Electronics: Scandium fluoride powder has the potential for use in electronic applications, such as in the production of thin-film transistors and other electronic components. Its properties can contribute to the development of high-performance electronic devices.

Catalysts: Scandium fluoride can be used as a catalyst in certain chemical reactions. Its unique properties can promote specific reactions and enhance the efficiency of various industrial processes.

Dental Applications: Scandium fluoride has been explored for potential use in dental materials, such as in the development of dental ceramics and other dental restorative materials. Its properties may contribute to the improvement of dental products in terms of strength and biocompatibility.

Laser Technology: Scandium fluoride can be employed in the production of lasers, especially in the infrared region. Its use in laser technology can enable the development of high-power and efficient lasers for various applications, including scientific research and industrial processes.