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Scandium Oxide Powder / Sc2O3 Powder, Super Purity, 99.999%

Scandium Oxide Powder

Scandium Oxide Powder
Product No NRE-10049
CAS No. 12060-08-1
Formula Sc2O3
Molecular Weight 137.91g/mol
APS <40um(can be customized)
Purity 99.999%
Density 3.86g/cm3
Color White
Melting Point 2485 °C
Boiling Point NA

Scandium Oxide Powder Sc2O3 Description:

Scandium oxide is a light refractory oxide. It comes from various sources, including minerals, some sterile uranium, and some phosphate minerals. b) Scandium oxide is a high-melting white solid used in high-temperature systems (due to its resistance to heat and thermal shock), electronic ceramics and glass composition (as auxiliary material). Scandium oxide reacts with most acids when heated to produce the expected hydrated product, suitable for vacuum deposition applications.

Scandium oxide powder

The ac conductivity of thin films of scandium oxide in the audio frequency range at temperatures

Between 4 and 295 K was measured. The component depends on the frequency of the

it has been found that conductivity obeys an equation of the form o & (: z) = A & ~, where & is the circular

the frequency e s is a temperature dependent quantity whose value is close but less than

unit. The interpretation of the results in terms of a single theory of the phonon jump does not produce

A satisfactory agreement. To provide a summary of the data, a new jump model is proposed. Conductivity

it is calculated for the classic jump of carriers between the sites of position on the potential

Barriers with a height distribution caused by the random spatial distribution of these

sites This model. produces the behavior at high frequencies with increasing quantities (1-s)

Almost linearly with the temperature. Furthermore, thermal activation is expected

The peak of dielectric loss must occur for very low frequencies. It is suggested that this model.

A broad application can be found in the interpretation of AC conductivity results in amorphous materials.