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Silicon Carbide Whiskers (SiC, Beta, D: <1.5 µm, L/D: ≥15, 99.9%)

Silicon Carbide Whiskers
Product No NRE-5197
CAS No. 409-21-2
Formula  SiC
APS <100nm (Can be Customized)
Purity 99.9%
Color  bluish-black
Molecular Weight   40.0962 g/mol
Density  3.16 g/cm³
Melting Point 2830°C
Boiling Point NA

Silicon Carbide Whiskers

Silicon Carbide Whisker as reinforcement material was obtained by mixing and sintering silicon carbide fibers and alumina powder. SiC Whisker exhibits a higher modulus of elasticity, strength, and hardness than many other whiskers, as well as having better chemical stability. Furthermore, SiC Whisker also exhibits excellent resistance to wear, corrosion and oxidation at high temperatures. Therefore,SiC Whisker shows great potential to improve the abrasion resistance and mechanical performance of PA6. Here, we turn to different ratios of silicon carbide and PA6 compounds. The resulting high-performance PA6-SCWS nano composites are expected to find potential use as gear and bearing parts in aerospace and automotive applications. Each whisker is generally a micron-sized single-crystal fibre material, which is structurally perfect and almost defect-free Whiskers act as a skeleton in the polymer and can transfer stress when external loads are applied.