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Silicon Graphene Carbon Nanotubes / CNTs Doped with 30wt% Si and 30wt% Graphene Nanopowder

Silicon Graphene Carbon Nanotubes
Product No NRE-37021
Purity 99wt%
Average Diameter 1μm – 12μm
Average Length 10-30umm (TEM)
Special Surface Area(SSA) 500-1200 m2/g (BET)
Tap Density  0.12 g/cm3
True Density 2.1 g/cm3
Electric Conductivity 1000-1500 S/M

Silicon Graphene Carbon Nanotubes

Potential Applications:

screen displays, electric motors, sensing devices, aerospace and automotive devices, body armor and tear-resistant cloth fibers and textile products, sports equipment. Serve as a conductive metallic or semiconductor, conductive films in coatings, plastics, certain bioscience applications, solar and electronic applications, additives in polymers, catalysts, electron field emitters for cathode-ray lighting elements, flat panel display, gas-discharge tubes in telecom networks, electromagnetic-wave absorption, and shielding, energy conversion; lithium-battery anodes, hydrogen storage, nanotube composites (by filling or coating), nanoprobes for STM, AFM, and EFM tips, nanolithography; nanoelectrodes, drug delivery, sensors, reinforcements in composites, supercapacitor.