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Graphene Carbon Nanotubes Ag Nanopowder Mixed 6wt% in Water Dispersion
October 13, 2017
Short SWCNTs Doped with Nanopowder Ag in Water Dispersion, 1wt%
October 13, 2017
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SWCNTs Doped with Ag Nanopowder in Water Dispersion, 1wt%

Effectively improve the electrical conductivity and mechanical properties; Effectively enhance tensile strength, hardness and elastic modulus characteristics…

SWCNTs Doped with Ag Nanopowder in Water Dispersion, 1wt%

SWCNTs Doped with Ag Nanopowder in Water Dispersion, 1wt%
Product No. CAS No. Purity Average Diameter Average Length Special Surface Area(SSA) Tap Density True Density
NRE-36036 NA >95% 20-30nm 5-30 um NA NA NA
Electric Conductivity NA
Thermal Conductivity NA
Ignited temperature NA

Most single-walled nanotubes (SWNTs) have a diameter of close to 1 nanometer, with a tube length that can be many millions of times longer. The structure of an SWNT can be conceptualized by wrapping a one-atom-thick layer of graphite called graphene into a seamless cylinder. SWNTs exhibit a richness in electronic behavior that may be exploited for molecular device applications. For example, metallic nanotubes may be used in resonant tunneling devices and also function as interconnects between device elements. Semiconducting nanotubes have already shown their utility in nanometer-sized field-effect transistors.

Single-walled nanotubes are excellent conductors & the most likely candidate for miniaturizing electronics beyond the microelectromechanical scale currently used in electronics. The most basic building block of these systems is the electric wire.

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