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Titanium Silicon Carbide MXene Phase Powder

Titanium Silicon Carbide MXene Phase Powder

Titanium Silicon Carbide MXene Phase Powder

Product No. NRE-59015
CAS No. 12202-82-3
Formula Ti3SiC2
Molecular Weight 195.70 g/mol
APS < 40 μm
Purity 99.9%
Form Powder

Titanium Silicon Carbide MXene Phase Powder

Energy Storage: MXenes are being researched for use in energy storage devices like supercapacitors and batteries. They have a high surface area, which can enhance the performance of these devices. Ti3SiC2 MXene, in particular, has shown promise for supercapacitors due to its high electrical conductivity and ability to store charge.

Electrodes: Ti3SiC2 MXene can be used as an electrode material in various electrochemical applications, including fuel cells and water splitting. Its high conductivity and stability make it a suitable choice for these applications.

Electromagnetic Shielding: MXenes are excellent at absorbing electromagnetic radiation. Ti3SiC2 MXene can be used to create lightweight and efficient electromagnetic shielding materials, which find applications in electronics, aerospace, and military technologies.

Catalysis: Ti3SiC2 MXene can serve as a catalyst support or even as a catalyst itself in chemical reactions. Its high surface area and tunable surface chemistry make it attractive for catalytic applications, such as in the production of hydrogen or other chemicals.

Sensors: MXenes can be used as sensing materials due to their sensitivity to various gases and molecules. Ti3SiC2 MXene-based sensors could be employed in environmental monitoring, gas detection, or medical diagnostics.

Reinforcement in Composites: Ti3SiC2 MXene can be added to polymers, ceramics, or other materials to enhance their mechanical properties. This reinforcement can lead to stronger and more durable materials used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and construction.

Thermal Management: MXenes have good thermal conductivity, making them suitable for applications in thermal management. They can be incorporated into thermal interface materials or heat sinks to improve heat dissipation in electronic devices.

Water Purification: Ti3SiC2 MXene has shown promise in removing contaminants from water due to its high surface area and strong adsorption capabilities. It can be used in water treatment processes to remove pollutants and provide clean drinking water.

Biomedical Applications: MXenes are being explored for use in biomedicine, including drug delivery, imaging, and tissue engineering. Ti3SiC2 MXene, with appropriate surface modifications, can be used for targeted drug delivery and as a contrast agent in medical imaging.

Coatings: MXenes can be applied as protective coatings on various surfaces to improve corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and other properties. This is relevant in industries like automotive, aerospace, and marine.