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Zinc Powder

Zinc Powder

Zinc Powder
Product No NRE-8057
CAS No. 7440-66-6
Formula Zn
Molecular Weight 65.39 g/mol
APS <40 um(can be customized)
Purity 99.9%
Density 7.14 g/cm3
Color Grey
Melting Point 419.53 °C
Boiling Point 907 °C

Zinc Powder

Zinc powder, a versatile chemical compound, finds applications in various industries owing to its unique properties. Some of its common applications include:

Corrosion Protection: Zinc powder is often used as a corrosion-resistant coating for steel structures and components. It acts as a sacrificial anode, preventing the underlying metal from corroding.

Galvanization: It is widely utilized in the process of galvanization, where zinc is applied to iron or steel to prevent rusting. This process is commonly used for manufacturing outdoor structures, such as fences, lamp posts, and bridges.

Chemical Reactions: Zinc powder serves as a reducing agent in various chemical reactions. It can be used in the synthesis of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, such as the production of organic compounds.

Batteries: It is an essential component in certain types of batteries, including alkaline and zinc-carbon batteries, due to their electrochemical properties.

Paints and Coatings: Zinc powder is used in the formulation of paints and coatings, especially for its anticorrosive properties. It is also utilized in the production of anti-fouling paints for marine applications.

Pigments: Certain types of zinc powders are used as pigments in paints, plastics, and rubber. These pigments impart specific properties such as UV protection and color stability.

Ceramics: In the ceramics industry, zinc powder is employed as a fluxing agent and as an opacifier, providing a glossy finish to ceramic products.

Chemical Industry: It serves as a catalyst in various chemical reactions and as a precursor in the production of several chemical compounds.

Fireworks: Zinc powder is utilized in the production of fireworks, where it is responsible for creating bright and long-lasting sparks.

Additive Manufacturing: Zn powder is increasingly used in additive manufacturing processes such as 3D printing, where it can be utilized to create intricate and complex metal parts.

Pharmaceuticals: Zn powder is also used in pharmaceutical products such as dietary supplements and various medications. It is an essential nutrient for the human body and is often used in the treatment of certain health conditions.