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Zirconium Disilicide Powder / ZrSi2 Powder (ZrSi2, 3um, 99%)

Zirconium(II) hydride is a chemical compound with the chemical formula ZrH2. It is a metal hydride composed of zirconium and hydrogen. It can be used as a strong reducing agents, foaming agents, hard alloy additives

Zirconium Disilicide Powder
Product No NRE-11301
CAS No. 12039-90-6
Formula ZrSi2
Molecular Weight 147.395 g/mol
APS 3um(can  be customized)
Purity 99%
Density 4.88 g/cm3
Color Gray
Melting Point 1620°C
Boiling Point NA

Zirconium disilicide Powder:- Zirconium disilicide powder (ZrSi2) has good chemical stability and oxidation resistance, while zirconium diboride (ZrB2) has a The high melting point, good chemical stability, and high electrical energy. conductivity; It is also very difficult. Both compounds are advanced ceramics without rust and the interest for them is currently Stop for its interesting roperties. However, like The properties of ZrSi2 and ZrB2 ceramics are significantly influenced. from impurities (some metals, carbon, etc.), the determination of metallic impurities is important in the characterization of ZrSiz and ZrB2. The metallic impurities in the ZrSi2 and ZrB2 powders were determined by spectrophotometry.1-2 Other analytical methods they have rarely been applied to the determination of impurity This is probably because of the importance of The determination of impurities has not been recognized. By induction Atomic emission spectrometry of coupled plasma (ICPAES) It has been applied to the determination of impurities in Advanced ceramic 3-10 due to its low, high detection limits Sensitivity, wide dynamic range, and capacity of multiple elements. However, for ICP-AES, solid samples must be taken in solution ZrSi2 can be decomposed by melting and ZrB2 for Melting and acid decomposition.2.11 Melting methods with flows. They are not suitable for the determination of impurities.