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Aluminium Nanopowder / Nanoparticles (Al, 99.9%, <100 nm, metal basis)

Aluminum Nanopowder / Nanoparticles  : Biomaterials; Catalyst support; Dispersion-strengthening; Heat-transfer fluids (suspensions); Nanocomposites; Sources for IC board or package; Transparent conductive coatings; Transparent optical coatings; Wear-resistant additives…………

Aluminium Nanoparticles
Product No NRE- 1001
CAS No. 7429-90-5
Formula Al
APS <100nm  (Can be Customized)
Purity 99.9%
Color Grey
Molecular Weight 26.982 g/mol
Density 10.5 g/cm3
Melting Point 960.8 °C
Boiling Point 2212 °C

Aluminium Nanopowder / Nanoparticles Application:

Aluminium nanoparticles have aroused great interest for their significant and diverse applications today. They turned out to be perfect catalysts for rocket fuel reactions, with many other promising biomedical and antimicrobial applications. However, the synthesis of high purity aluminium nanoparticles is a great challenge due to its oxidation capacity when forming Al2O3 nanoparticles. In recent years, pulsed liquid laser ablation has emerged as a promising method for the production of pure active metal nanoparticles. Pulsed liquid laser ablation is a simple one-step method in which a bulk or powdered metal target is placed in an aqueous solution and irradiated with laser pulses for a short period of time, usually around a few nanoseconds. Pulsed liquid laser ablation is considered a simple and inexpensive technique that does not require any vacuum apparatus. It could produce controlled size nanoparticles without chemical contamination.

Aluminium Nanopowder / Nanoparticles Storage Conditions:

The damp reunion will affect its dispersion performance and be using effects, therefore, this product should be sealed in vacuum and stored in the cool and dry room and it should not be exposed to air. In addition, the product should be avoided under stress.
Aluminum Nanoparticles Cautions:
1. Metal nanopowder should be gently placed and avoid violent vibration and friction.
2. Metal nanopowder should be prevented from moisture, heat, impact, and sunlight.
3. The user must be a professional (This person must know how to use this product.)

Aluminum Oxide Nanopowder / Nanoparticles (Al2O3, alpha, High Purity 99.9%, 200 nm, Hydrophilic)