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Barium Sulfate Powder (BaSO4, 40-60µm, Purity: 99.9%)

Barium Sulfate Powder
Product No NRE-11025
CAS No. 7727-43-7
Formula BaSO4
Molecular Weight 233.39 g/mol
APS 40-60µm (Can be Customized)
Purity 99.9%
Density 4.49 g/cm³
Color White
Melting Point 1580 °C
Boiling Point 1600 °C

Barium Sulfate Powder

Barium sulfate powder has various applications across different industries due to its unique properties. Here are some of the key applications:

Medical Imaging: Barium sulfate is commonly used as a contrast agent in X-ray imaging and other diagnostic procedures. It is used to enhance the visibility of the gastrointestinal tract during medical tests such as barium meals and barium enemas.

Oil and Gas Drilling: In the oil and gas industry, barium sulfate is used as a weighing agent in drilling fluids. It helps to control the formation pressure and prevent blowouts during the drilling process. Barium sulfate is preferred because it is insoluble in water and is environmentally friendly.

Paints and Coatings: Barium sulfate is used as a filler in paints and coatings to enhance their properties. It improves the durability, opacity, and whiteness of the paint, while also providing corrosion resistance and UV protection.

Plastics and Rubber: It is also used as a filler in plastics and rubber products to improve their mechanical properties and reduce costs. Barium sulfate increases the density, stiffness, and surface hardness of the materials, making them more durable and resistant to external factors.

Paper and Pulp Industry: Barium sulfate is used as a filler in the paper and pulp industry to improve the brightness, opacity, and smoothness of paper products. It enhances the printability and appearance of the paper, making it suitable for high-quality printing applications.

Textile Industry: In the textile industry, barium sulfate is used as a component in textile sizing and finishing to improve the fabric’s opacity and whiteness. It also helps in achieving a better texture and feel for certain types of fabrics.

Inks: Barium sulfate is used as a pigment in certain types of inks, particularly in the production of high-quality printing inks. It helps to improve the opacity, brightness, and stability of the ink, resulting in better print quality and color consistency.