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Bismuth Telluride Powder

Bismuth Telluride Powder

Bismuth Telluride Powder
Product Number NRE-11033
CAS No. 1304-82-1
Formula Bi2Te3
Molecular Weight 800.76 g/mol
APS <40 µm (Can be Customized)
Purity 99.9%
Color Gray
Density ‎7.7 g/cm³
Melting Point 580 °C
Boiling Point ‎NA

Bismuth Telluride Powder

Bismuth Telluride Powder is a compound of bismuth and tellurium and is a semimetal with a small bandgap. It has several unique properties that make it valuable for various applications, especially in the fields of thermoelectricity and electronics. Bismuth telluride powder finds applications in different areas, including:

Thermoelectric Devices: Bismuth telluride has excellent thermoelectric properties, meaning it can efficiently convert heat differentials into electrical voltage. This property makes it suitable for applications in thermoelectric cooling devices, power generation, and temperature regulation in electronics.

Thermal Barrier Coatings: Bismuth telluride can be used in thermal barrier coatings, which are applied to surfaces to reduce heat transfer and improve the energy efficiency of systems like engines and turbines.

Electronics and Semiconductors: Bi2Te3 is utilized in various electronic applications, such as in the manufacturing of semiconductors, photodetectors, and infrared sensors.

Topological Insulators: Bi2Te3 has also been studied for its potential use in topological insulators, a class of materials that exhibit unique electronic properties and have potential applications in quantum computing and spintronics.

Thermal Conductivity Applications: Due to its low thermal conductivity, bismuth telluride can be used in various industries that require materials with excellent thermal insulating properties.

Energy Harvesting Devices: Bi2Te3 powder can be utilized in the development of energy-harvesting devices, especially in capturing waste heat and converting it into usable energy, thereby contributing to energy sustainability efforts.

Research and Development: Bi2Te3 continues to be a subject of extensive research for its unique properties, which may lead to the discovery of new applications in various fields.

It is important to note that the applications of bismuth telluride powder are still being explored, and ongoing research in the field of materials science and engineering may uncover additional uses and applications for this compound in the future.