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Cerium Carbonate Powder

Cerium Carbonate Powder

Cerium Carbonate Powder
Product No NRE-11058
CAS 54451-25-1
Purity 99.9%
Formula Ce2(CO3)3. xH2O
APS <40 µm (can be customized)
Color White
Molecular Weight 460.27 g/mol
Density NA
Melting Point NA
Boiling Point NA

Cerium Carbonate Powder

Cerium carbonate powder, a compound of the rare earth element cerium, has several applications across various industries. It is a versatile material known for its unique properties and is used in a range of industrial and commercial processes. Some of the common applications of cerium carbonate powder include:

Catalysts: Cerium carbonate powder is used as a catalyst in various chemical reactions. It is especially effective in oxidation and reduction reactions due to its ability to switch between different oxidation states.

Glass Polishing: Cerium carbonate powder is widely used in the glass industry for polishing and finishing glass surfaces. It helps in achieving high-quality optical finishes on lenses, mirrors, and other glass products.

Cerium Oxide Production: Cerium carbonate is a precursor for producing cerium oxide, which has numerous applications in the manufacturing of ceramics, and glass, and as a catalyst in various chemical processes.

Fuel Additives: It is used as a fuel additive in the automotive industry to improve the combustion efficiency of fuels, thereby reducing harmful emissions and enhancing the overall performance of engines.

Chemical Research: Cerium carbonate is used in various research and laboratory applications, including studies related to the synthesis of new materials, chemical analysis, and as a reagent in organic and inorganic chemical reactions.

Cerium-based Polishing Compounds: It is used as an essential component in the production of polishing compounds for various materials, including metals, semiconductors, and electronic components, to achieve high-quality surface finishes.

Cerium-based Ceramics and Pigments: Cerium carbonate is utilized in the production of cerium-based ceramics and pigments, which find applications in the manufacturing of specialized ceramics, glazes, and pigments for a variety of industrial and artistic purposes.

Environmental Applications: It is employed in various environmental applications, such as wastewater treatment, due to its ability to remove impurities and pollutants from water through catalytic and redox reactions.

Nanotechnology: Cerium carbonate powder is used in nanotechnology applications, including the synthesis of nanoparticles, due to its unique electronic and magnetic properties.