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Chromium Nanoparticles

Chromium Nanoparticles

Chromium Nanoparticles
Product No NRE-1008
CAS No. 7440-47-3
Formula Cr
APS <100nm  (Can be Customized)
Purity 99.9%
Color Gray
Molecular Weight 51.996 g/mol
Density 7.15g/cm3
Melting Point 1907 °C
Boiling Point 2671 °C

Chromium  Nanoparticles Storage Conditions:

Chromium nanoparticles have a variety of potential applications in various fields. Here are some of the most notable applications:

Catalysis: Chromium nanoparticles have been found to be an effective catalyst in several chemical reactions, including hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, and oxidation. This makes them useful in the production of chemicals and fuels.

Biomedical Applications: Chromium Nanopowder can be used in biomedical applications, such as drug delivery, imaging, and cancer therapy. They have shown promising results in cancer therapy, as they can selectively target cancer cells and destroy them.

Environmental Remediation: Chromium Nanopowder can be used for the remediation of contaminated water and soil. They have been found to be effective in removing pollutants such as arsenic and lead.

Coatings: Chromium Nanopowder can be used in coatings to provide improved corrosion resistance and wear resistance. This makes them useful in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and electronics.

Energy: Chromium Nanopowder can be used in energy applications, such as fuel cells and solar cells. They can improve the efficiency and durability of these devices.