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Cobalt Oxide (Co3O4) MicroPowder (Co3O4, Co >71-72.5%, APS:2.5 um)

Catalysis, superconductors, ceramics and other fields as an important inorganic materials; As catalyst and catalyst carrier and the electrode active material; For glass, porcelain colorants and pigments; Chemical industry oxidant and a catalyst for organic synthesis

Cobalt Oxide MicroPowder
Product No NRE-10017
CAS No. 1308-06-1
Formula Co3O4
Molecular Weight 240.80 g/mol
APS 2.5um(can be customized)
Purity 99%
Density 6.07 g/cm3
Color Black
Melting Point 895 °C
Boiling Point 900 °C

Cobalt Oxide MicroPowder (Co3O4) Applications:

Catalysts, superconductors, ceramics and other fields as important inorganic materials; As catalyst and catalyst support and active electrode material; For glass, dyes and porcelain pigments; Oxidizer of the chemical industry and catalyst for organic synthesis; Older glasses and other filter materials; carbide; Temperature and gas sensors; For the semiconductor industry, electronic ceramics, lithium-ion battery electrode materials, magnetic materials; Electrochromic devices; enamels; Abrasive wheels; Heterogeneous catalysts; Absorbers of solar energy.

Cobalt oxide (II) or cobalt monoxide are inorganic compounds that appear as olive or red crystals, or as a gray or black powder. It is widely used in the ceramic industry as an additive to create blue enamels and enamels, as well as in the chemical industry to produce cobalt (II) salts.


Cobalt oxide (II) has been used for centuries as a dye in oven ceramics. The additive provides an intense blue tone called cobalt blue. The space between the bands (CoO) is about 2.4 eV. [citation needed] It is also used in cobalt blue glass.