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Silicon MicroPowder / Si Powder (Si, 99.9%, 1-3 um, Polycrystalline)

Silicon MicroPowder
Product No NRE-8044
CAS No. 7440-21-3
Formula  Si
Molecular Weight 28.08g/mol
APS <3 um (can be customized)
Purity 99.9%
Color Grey
Density 2.33g / cm3
Melting Point 1414°C
Boiling Point  3265 °C

Silicon MicroPowder Applications:

Silicon is one of the most useful elements for humanity. Most are used to produce alloys that include aluminum-silicon and ferrosilicon (iron-silicon). These are used to make dynamo and transformer plates, engine blocks, heads, and machine tools and to deoxidize steel.

Silicon is also used to make silicones. These are silicon-oxygen polymers with attached methyl groups. Silicone oil is a lubricant and is added to some cosmetics and hair conditioners. Silicone rubber is used as a waterproof sealant in bathrooms and around windows, pipes, and ceilings.

The silicon element is widely used as a semiconductor in solid state devices in the computer and microelectronics industries. This is why hyper-pure silicon is necessary. Silicon is selectively doped with small amounts of boron, gallium, phosphorus or arsenic to control its electrical properties.

Granite and most other rocks are complex silicates and are used for civil engineering projects. Sand (silicon dioxide or silica) and clay (aluminum silicate) is used for the production of concrete and cement. Sand is also the main ingredient in glass, which has thousands of uses. Silicon, like silicate, is present in ceramics, enamels, and high-temperature ceramics. Silicon carbides are important abrasives and are also used in lasers.

Silicon is essential for plant life, but its use in animal cells is uncertain. Phytoliths are small silica particles that are formed inside some plants. Because these particles do not rot, they remain in the fossils and provide us with useful evolutionary evidence.