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Copper Fluoride Powder

Copper Fluoride Powder

Copper Fluoride Powder
Product No NRE-11075
CAS 7789-19-7
Purity 99.9%
Formula CuF2
APS <40 µm (can be customized)
Color white
Molecular Weight 101.54 g/mol
Density 4.23 g/cm3
Melting Point 836° C
Boiling Point 1,676° C

Copper Fluoride Powder

Copper fluoride powder finds various applications in different fields. Some of its prominent applications include:

Chemical Catalyst: Copper fluoride powder can act as an effective catalyst in a variety of chemical reactions. Its use in catalysis can enhance the efficiency of chemical processes, leading to increased yields and reduced reaction times.

Ceramic Industry: Copper fluoride is utilized in the ceramic industry for the production of specialized ceramic materials. It can be incorporated into ceramic formulations to modify properties such as color, strength, and thermal stability.

Glass Manufacturing: Copper fluoride powder can be used as a colorant and opacifier in the production of specialty glasses. It imparts a distinctive green color to glass and can also modify its optical properties.

Metal Surface Treatment: It is used in metal surface treatment processes, such as electroplating and metal finishing, to enhance the corrosion resistance of metal surfaces. Copper fluoride forms a protective layer on metal substrates, thereby improving their durability and longevity.

Electrolyte Additive: In certain electrochemical applications, copper fluoride powder can be used as an additive to electrolytes to improve the performance and stability of batteries and other energy storage devices.

Semiconductor Manufacturing: Copper fluoride is employed in the production of semiconductors and microelectronics. It can serve as a dopant or an etchant in the fabrication of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits.

Lubricant Additive: It is sometimes used as an additive in lubricants to improve their anti-wear and anti-friction properties, thereby extending the lifespan of machinery and reducing energy consumption.

Research and Development: CuF2 powder is used in research and development activities, particularly in the fields of chemistry, materials science, and nanotechnology, where its unique properties are explored for various innovative applications.