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High Purified SWCNTs, 98%

Research Grade Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes Application
This product is produced by methane catalytic decomposition over co-based catalyst, then experienced deep air oxidation. There is almost no amorphous carbon in this product. It has high ignition temperature, 610 ~ 620°C. It can be used to make transparent conductive films and other research & industrial application. This SWNTs-based Transparent Conductive Films can reach less than 200 ohm/sq sheet resistance with more than 80% transparency. The product is the ideal manufacturing material for CNT-based Transparent Conductive Films for the touch screen, flat panel display, OLED, and thin-film solar industries. Compared with traditional indium tin oxide (ITO) coated films, the CNT-based transparent Conductive Films have the evidently superiority as follows: (1) More mechanical robustness for longer lifetime; (2) The broader and more color-neutral transmittance; (3) Reaching higher levels of sheet resistance without losing uniformity; (4) lower cost.


High Purified SWCNTs, 98%
Product No NRE-32005
Purity 98%
Average Diameter 1.1 nm
Average Length 5-20 um (TEM)
Specific Surface Area(SSA) 380m2/g(BET)
Density 2.1g/cm3
Electric Conductivity > 100 S/cm
Thermal Conductivity 50-200 W/m.K

Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWNTs, SWCNTs)

High Purified SWCNTs


Potential applications of carbon nanotubes are (1) additives in polymers; (2) catalysts; (3) electron field emitters for cathode-ray lighting elements; (4) flat panel display; (5) gas-discharge tubes in telecom networks; (6) electromagnetic-wave absorption and shielding; (7) energy conversion; (8) lithium-battery anodes; (9) hydrogen storage; (10) nanotube composites (by filling or coating); (11) nanoprobes for STM, AFM, and EFM tips; (12) nanolithography; (13) nanoelectrodes; (14) drug delivery; (15) sensors; (16) reinforcements in composites; (17) supercapacitor.


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