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Holmium Oxide Powder / Holmium(III) Oxide / Ho2O3 (99.95%, 5um)

Holmium Oxide Powder
Product No NRE-10026
CAS No. 12055-62-8
Formula Ho2O3
Molecular Weight 377.86g/mol
APS 5um(can be customized)
Purity 99.95%
Density 3.79 g/cm3
Color Light yellow
Melting Point 2415 °C
Boiling Point 3900 °C

Holmium Oxide Powder

Holmium has been used as a wavelength reference for many years and now we have extended its use by creating a full and sealed quartz cell that allows you to check the ultraviolet wavelength scale. The holmium offers sharp and stable peaks in the range of 219 nm to 650 nm. Holmium perchlorate is used to ensure that the wavelength scale of your instrument is within the tolerances of manufacturers with respect to the actual wavelength to be measured. The use of the filled quartz cell ensures that the optical configuration for its quality control is exactly the same as a normal analysis.

Holmium oxide in powder form

Holmium has a wide range of resolved peaks that are easily used to correlate the wavelength indicator in your spectrophotometer with known holmium peaks. The first procedure should be to scan the cell in the usable range to ensure that all peaks can be resolved. Change the slot width and scanning speed to produce usable spectra. Check each peak to make sure that the reading on the spectrophotometer is within the tolerances of the manufacturer for the wavelength of its spectrophotometer. If not, ask a service technician to check and, if necessary, adjust the instrument. Holmium is measured against an air target.

Periodically check the spectra, at least in the area in which the analysis is being performed. The periodic use of the holmium cell will create a recording of the accuracy of the instrument’s wavelength to be used with certification and problem resolution in the event that the correlation changes over time.