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Iron Oxide Powder (Fe3O4, 99%)

Iron Oxide Powder
Product No NRE-10029
CAS No. 1309-37-1
Formula Fe2O3
Molecular Weight 159.69g/mol
APS 25um(can  be customized)
Purity 99%
Density 5.24g/mL
Color Brown
Melting Point 1538 °C
Boiling Point 3241°C

Iron Oxide ( Fe2O3 ) Powder Applications

  • Ferrofluids: Like many ferrous materials, the various forms of iron oxide powder are particularly useful in the production of ferrofluids and magnetically active fluids for a variety of applications.
    Coatings: the unique combination of intrinsic characteristics of different iron oxide powders makes them ideal as ingredients in some coatings, such as coatings and magnetic coatings designed to absorb electromagnetic waves.
    Magnetic Recording: Like many magnetically active materials, iron oxide powders have been extensively studied and applied in data retention, especially in high-density magnetic recording.
    Magnetic detection: the nature of iron oxides makes them ideal particles for the production of magnetic detection devices, in particular, those that deal with the subtler identification of what typical materials could easily handle.
    Microwave: several high-tech microwave devices use iron oxide powders in their construction and operation.
    Various Magneto-Optical Applications: In addition to the applications already mentioned, iron oxide particles play fundamental rules in dozens of other magnetic devices and applications, such as magnetically-administered drugs, medical imaging, cell separation, and refrigeration.
    Purification: iron oxide particles have a variety of purification-related applications, particularly in biological and wastewater environments.