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Lanthanum Carbonate Powder

Lanthanum Carbonate Powder

Lanthanum Carbonate Powder
Product No NRE-11138
CAS 54451-24-0
Purity 99.9%
Formula La2(CO3)3. xH2O
APS <40 µm (can be customized)
Color White
Molecular Weight 457.85 g/mol
Density NA
Melting Point NA
Boiling Point NA

Lanthanum Carbonate Powder

Lanthanum carbonate is a chemical compound that is used in various applications across different industries. Some of the common applications of lanthanum carbonate powder include:

Ceramics: Lanthanum carbonate can be used as a raw material in the production of ceramic materials, including ceramic capacitors, piezoelectric materials, and various electronic components.

Catalysts: Lanthanum carbonate can be utilized as a catalyst in various chemical reactions, such as in the production of petroleum and in the refining of certain chemicals.

Phosphors: Lanthanum carbonate is also used in the production of phosphors, which are materials that emit light when exposed to radiation. These phosphors are often used in various lighting applications, such as in fluorescent lamps and television screens.

Glass and optics: Lanthanum carbonate finds applications in the manufacturing of high-quality optical glasses, lenses, and camera lenses, as it can improve the optical properties and performance of glass materials.

Water treatment: Lanthanum carbonate is sometimes used in water treatment processes to remove phosphates from water, particularly in applications where traditional water treatment methods are not effective.

Pharmaceuticals: Lanthanum carbonate has been used as a medication for the treatment of hyperphosphatemia, a condition characterized by abnormally high levels of phosphate in the blood, often associated with chronic kidney disease.

Electronics: Lanthanum carbonate is used in the production of electronic components and devices, such as in the manufacturing of high-performance electronic ceramics, sensors, and other electronic applications.

Magnetic materials: Lanthanum carbonate can be used in the production of magnetic materials and devices due to its magnetic properties, making it useful in various applications within the electronics and technology industries.