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Lanthanum Oxide Powder / La2O3 Powder (99.99%, 5um)

Lanthanum Oxide Powder

Lanthanum Oxide Powder
Product No NRE-10030
CAS No. 1312-81-8
Formula La2O3
Molecular Weight 325.81g/mol
APS 5um(can be customized)
Purity 99.99%
Density 6.51 g/cm3
Color White
Melting Point 2,315° C (4,199° F)
Boiling Point 4,200° C (7,592° F)

Lanthanum Oxide Powder

Lanthanum oxide, the chemical formula La2O3, is an inorganic compound that contains lanthanum and rare earth oxygen. It is used in some ferroelectric materials, as a component of optical materials, and is a raw material for some catalysts, among other uses.

Lanthanum oxide powder Uses and applications

La2O3 is used to make optical glasses, to which this oxide gives the greater density, index of refraction, and hardness. Together with tungsten, tantalum, and thorium oxides, La2O3 improves the resistance of glass to the alkali attack. La2O3 is an ingredient for the production of piezoelectric and thermoelectric materials. The exhaust gas converters of automobiles contain La2O3. La2O3 is also used in intensification screens for X-ray images, phosphors, and dielectric and conductive ceramics. It emits a luminous glow.

La2O3 was examined for the oxidative coupling of methane.

La2O3 films can be deposited by different methods, including vapor phase chemical deposition, atomic layer deposition, thermal oxidation, sputtering, and spray pyrolysis. The deposition of these films takes place in a temperature range of 250-450 ° C. The polycrystalline films are formed at 350 ° C.

La2O3 tungsten electrodes replace torn tungsten electrodes in tungsten gas arc welding (TIG) due to safety problems with thorium radioactivity.