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Lithium Powder

Lithium Powder

Lithium Powder
Product Number NRE-8028
CAS No. 7439-93-2
Formula Li
Molecular Weight 6.941 g/mol
APS <40 µm (Can be Customized)
Purity 99.9%
Colour White
Density 0.534 g/cm3
Melting Point 180.5 °C
Boiling Point 1,330 °C

Lithium Powder

Lithium is involved in a wide variety of reactions with both organic and inorganic reagents. Reacts with oxygen forming monoxide and peroxide. It is the only alkali metal that reacts with nitrogen at room temperature to form black nitride. It reacts readily with hydrogen at nearly 500ºC (930ºF) to form lithium hydride.

Lithium is the first alkali on the periodic table. It occurs in nature as a mixture of the isotopes Li6 and Li7. It is the lightest, softest, silvery-white, low melting point, and reactive carbide. Many of its physical and chemical properties are more similar to those of alkaline earth metals than to those of its own group.

Among the most significant properties of lithium, we find its high specific heat (thermal capacity), a wide range of temperatures in the liquid state, high thermal conductivity, low viscosity, and very low density. Metallic lithium is soluble in short-chain aliphatic amines such as ethylamine. It does not dissolve in hydrocarbons.

The reaction of metallic lithium with water is extremely vigorous. Lithium reacts directly with carbon to form a carburetor. It binds easily to halogens and forms halides with light emission. Although it does not react with paraffinic hydrocarbons, it does experience additional reactions with alkenes substituted with aryl groups and dienes. It also reacts with acetylenic compounds to form lithium acetylides, which play an important role in the synthesis of vitamin A.