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Molybdenum Boride Powder

Molybdenum Boride Powder

Molybdenum Boride Powder
Product No NRE-11181
CAS No. 12006-98-3
Formula MoB
Density 9.20 g/cm3
APS <40µm (Can be Customized)
Purity 99.9%
Form Powder
Molecular Weight 106.751 g/mol


Certificate Of Analysis
Mo 89.8%
B 10.1%
Cr 0.02%
Fe 0.03%
O 0.02%
Sn 0.01%
Ti 0.01%

Molybdenum Boride Powder

MoB Powder is notable for its high hardness, good wear resistance and high catalytic activity and is being explored for its potential applications in wear or corrosion resistant coating, ceramic composite materials, synthesis of others compound and electrocatalyst for the hydrogen evolution reaction. In the boron-molybdenum binary system, there are five compounds: Mo2B, MoB, MoB2 (high temperature stable phase, 1790-2648 K), Mo2B5 and MoB4, among which MoB has the highest melting point (2600±8℃). Up to now, many methods have been proposed to synthesize molybdenum boride. Torabi prepared MoB powder via mechanically induced self-sustaining reaction (MSR) using Mg, MoO3 and B2O3 as raw materials. Single phase Molybdenum boride Powder was produced from the reaction between Mo and amorphous boron by MSR. Camurlu  prepared single-phase MoB using MoO3, B2O3 and Mg as reactants through the method of mechanochemical synthesis followed by annealing. Different molybdenum borides had also been prepared by electrolysis of molten NaCl-Na3AlF6-Na2MoO4-B2O3 22, 23. Even if great efforts have been made to prepare molybdenum boride, it is still necessary to develop a facile route with a low cost to prepare monophasic molybdenum boride powder, owing to impurities, expensive raw materials or complex process of the above methods. In this paper, a new method is proposed, in which molybdenum first reacts with B Accepted Article 4C to generate the mixture of Molybdenum boride Powder and C, and then decarburization reaction with molten Ca was conducted to remove the by-product C by forming CaC2. After leaching the CaC2, pure MoB Powder could be prepared.