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Ni/Cr Alloy Nanopowder/Nanoparticles (99.9%, <100 nm)

Ni-Cr Alloy Nanoparticles

Ni-Cr Alloy Nanoparticles
Product No NRE- 2032
CAS No. 11106-97-1
Formula Ni-Cr
APS <100nm  (Can be Customized)
Purity 99.9%
Color Grey Black
Molecular Weight 110.6895 g/mol
Density NA
Melting Point 1400°C
Boiling Point NA

Ni/Cr Alloy Nanopowder

Ni/Cr Alloy Nanopowder/Nanoparticles

Nickel-chrome alloys gained importance in the 1930s due to the cost of gold. Ni-Cr alloys have properties suitable for use with ceramics. The hardness and elastic modulus of the Ni-Cr alloy allow the use of a thinner cross-section of the material; The thinner cross-section offers more room for porcelain cladding and offers good resistance. Another advantage is its linear thermal expansion coefficient, which is similar to that of porcelain cladding. The similarity in thermal expansion reduces the risk of cracks and fractures during processing. Nickel sensitivity can be a problem with these alloys. The sensitivity of the patient to nickel must be carefully and carefully assessed when selecting these alloys.