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Samarium Carbonate Hydrate Powder

Samarium Carbonate Hydrate Powder

Samarium Carbonate Hydrate Powder
Product No NRE-11212
CAS 38245-37-3
Purity 99.9%
Formula Sm2(CO3)3•xH2O
APS <40 µm (can be customized)
Color White
Molecular Weight 498.76 g/mol
Density NA
Melting Point > 500 °C
Boiling Point NA

Samarium Carbonate Hydrate Powder

Samarium carbonate hydrate is a chemical compound that contains the rare earth element samarium, combined with carbonate and water molecules. This compound has various applications in different fields, owing to the unique properties of samarium. Some potential applications of samarium carbonate hydrate powder include:

Catalysts: Samarium carbonate hydrate can be used as a catalyst in various chemical reactions. It has shown effectiveness in organic synthesis, such as in the production of fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and polymers.

Glass and Ceramics: Samarium carbonate hydrate can be incorporated into glass and ceramic formulations to produce materials with specific optical and magnetic properties. These materials find applications in optical devices, laser technology, and solid-state lighting.

Permanent Magnets: Samarium is one of the key elements used in the production of strong permanent magnets, particularly in combination with cobalt. These magnets find applications in various industries, including electronics, automotive, and renewable energy sectors.

Nuclear Reactors: Samarium has the ability to absorb neutrons, making it useful in the control rods of nuclear reactors. By adjusting the amount of samarium, the rate of fission reactions can be controlled, ensuring the stability and safety of nuclear power generation.

Phosphors: Samarium compounds are used as phosphors in various applications, including the production of cathode ray tubes, fluorescent lamps, and plasma display panels. These phosphors emit visible light when exposed to certain types of radiation, making them essential in the production of displays and lighting devices.

Medical Imaging: Samarium isotopes have applications in nuclear medicine, particularly in the treatment of certain types of cancer. Samarium-153, for example, is used in radiopharmaceuticals for targeted radiotherapy, where it can be employed to relieve bone pain associated with metastatic bone cancer.

Alloys: Samarium is used in the production of specialized alloys, including those used in the aerospace industry. These alloys often exhibit high strength, corrosion resistance, and temperature stability, making them suitable for demanding applications in extreme environments.