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Samarium Cobalt Powder

Samarium Cobalt Powder

Samarium Cobalt Powder
Product No NRE-11313
CAS No. 12305-84-9
Formula Sm2Co7
Density NA
APS <40µm (Can be Customized)
Purity 99.9%
Form Powder
Molecular Weight 713.2 g/mol

Samarium Cobalt Powder

Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) is a type of rare earth magnet that offers high magnetic strength, excellent thermal stability, and corrosion resistance. SmCo magnets are known for their superior performance in demanding environments where high operating temperatures and high corrosion resistance are required. SmCo powder is a crucial component used in the manufacturing of SmCo magnets. Here are some applications of SmCo powder:

Motors and Generators: SmCo magnets are widely used in various types of motors and generators where high-temperature stability and strong magnetic properties are essential. These can include applications in the aerospace, military, and automotive industries.

Sensors and Instrumentation: SmCo magnets find application in sensors and instrumentation where stable and precise magnetic fields are required. This can include applications in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical technology.

High-Performance Actuators: SmCo magnets are used in actuators that require powerful magnetic fields for precise and controlled movement. They find use in robotics, automation, and other precision control systems.

Magnetic Separators: SmCo magnets are used in magnetic separators for separating ferrous materials from non-ferrous materials in industries such as mining, recycling, and waste management.

Surgery and Medical Devices: SmCo magnets find use in various medical devices such as MRI machines, surgical tools, and implants, where their stable magnetic properties are crucial.

Solenoid and Relay Systems: SmCo magnets are used in solenoid and relay systems in various industries for their high magnetic strength and temperature stability, ensuring reliable and efficient operation.

Aerospace and Defense: SmCo magnets are employed in aerospace and defense applications, including actuators, sensors, and motors, where their high performance and reliability are critical in harsh environments.

High-temperature Applications: SmCo magnets are well-suited for use in high-temperature applications, such as downhole tools for oil and gas drilling, where conventional magnets may not perform effectively.