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Silver Coated Copper Powder

Silver Coated Copper Powder

Silver Coated Copper Powder

Product No. NRE-2056
Silver Coated Copper APS Density Purity Particle shape
Ag 3% 10-220um 1.69g/cm3 Ag-3, Cu-bal Flake Shape
Ag 5% 10-220um Ag -5 ,Cu-bal Flake Shape
Ag 10% 8-15um 1.05-1.11g/cm³ Ag -10 ,Cu-bal Flake Shape
Ag 20% 5-8um 1.05-1.11g/cm³ Ag -20 ,Cu-bal Flake Shape
Ag 30% D90:7μm



1.05-1.11g/cm³ Ag -30 ,Cu-bal Flake Shape
Spherical Shape 45um Ag -10% /20%/30% /50% Spherical Shape

Silver Coated Copper Powder

It is a kind of very good high conductive filler, if add it into the coating (paint), glue (adhesives), printing ink, polymer material pulp, plastics, and rubber, etc, can be made into all kinds of conductive and electromagnetic shielding products, widely used in the conductive & electromagnetic shielding electronics fields of electrical, communication, printing, aerospace, weapons, etc. Such as the conductive & electromagnetic shielding of Electronic, electrical, and communications products, such as computers, mobile phones, electronic medical equipment, electronic instruments.

1.used as a good conductive material, good conductivity silver-coated copper powder for electromagnetic shielding is widely used in electronics, electromechanics, communication, printing, aerospace, weapons, etc.
2.it can be used as high-efficiency catalysts.
3.it also widely used as a conductive adhesive.
4.it widely used in conductive ink.
5.it also often used in silk-screen printing.
6.recessive materials.
7.inorganic antiseptic material
8.conductive coating paint and static conductive paint
9.electroconductive rubber
10.electroconductive plastics


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