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Spherical Mg-Zn alloy powder

Spherical Mg-Zn alloy powder

Spherical Mg-Zn alloy powder
Product No NRE-60101
Purity 99.9%
Mesh 30-500 mesh
Color Silver Gray
Product Ratio  Mg: Zn Real density(g/cm³) Calorific value(J/g)


Atomized spherical

Mg-Zn alloy


70:30 2.26 18110
30:70 3.47 11180
50:50 2.83 15050
20:80 4.23 9240
10:90 5.25 7300
90:10 1.92 24110
95:5 1.82 24136

Spherical Mg-Zn alloy powder

Magnesium alloy is widely used in portable equipment and the automotive industry to achieve the goal of being lightweight.

Mg-Zn alloy atomized powder changed the melting point of zinc powder and the starting point of intense oxidation, completely solved the problems of ignition and stable combustion, and is expected to be widely used in pyrotechnics and in other fields.