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Super Grade Mica Powder, 99.999%

Super Grade Mica Powder
Product No NRE-11232
CAS No. 12001-26-2
Formula Al2K2O6Si
Molecular Weight  196.97g/mol
APS <40 um (Can be Customized)
Purity 99.999%
Density 2.77 g/cm3
Color White Gray
Melting Point 1300 °C
Boiling Point 1871 °C

Super Grade Mica Powder

Product features: Mica has an acid, alkali, chemical stability, heat resistance, non-flammable, good insulation. The main purpose: it is used in the field of construction materials, on behalf of asbestos products and also for extinguishing agents, welding, plastics, rubber, paints, coatings, chemicals, electronic products, oil well drilling, pearlescent pigments, and other areas of work. For example: add moist ultrafine mica, protect ultraviolet light, improve coating wear resistance, delay staining, discolor; a two-dimensional sheet metal structure with a high aspect ratio, improves the general mechanical properties of the coating, water resistance, anti-crack, improves tolerance and self-cleaning; Acid, alkali, high temperature, improves thermal coating and corrosion resistance.