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Tin(IV) Chloride Anhydrous

Tin(IV) Chloride Anhydrous

Tin(IV) Chloride Anhydrous
Product No NRE-112470
CAS No. 7646-78-8
Formula SnCl4
Molecular Weight 260.5g/mol
Purity 99.9%
Color Colorless
Density 1.419 g/mL at 25 °C
Form Liquid
Appearance Colorless Liquid

Tin(IV) Chloride Anhydrous

Catalysis: Tin(IV) Chloride Anhydrous is often used as a Lewis acid catalyst in various chemical reactions. It can facilitate reactions like the Friedel-Crafts acylation and alkylation reactions, as well as the synthesis of organic compounds.

Chemical Synthesis: It is used in the synthesis of organotin compounds and various organic compounds, particularly those involving carbon-carbon bond formation. For instance, it can be used in the synthesis of some pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.

Textile Industry: SnCl4 can be used as a mordant in the textile industry to help fix dyes to fabrics. It plays a role in enhancing the colorfastness of dyes on textiles.

Electroplating:  SnCl4 is used in the electroplating industry for depositing tin coatings on various materials. These tin coatings provide corrosion resistance and a shiny finish, making them valuable for applications in the electronics and automotive industries.

Surface Treatment: It is used for surface treatment and passivation of metals to improve their corrosion resistance. This is important in industries where metal parts need to resist corrosion, such as aerospace and marine applications.

Glass Manufacturing:  SnCl4 is used as a flux in the production of high-quality optical glass and glass coatings. It helps to reduce the melting point of the glass and improves its optical properties.

Photography: In the past, SnCl4 was used in some photographic processes, such as the collodion wet plate process. However, its use in photography has largely been replaced by other chemicals.

Gas Sensing:  SnCl4 can be used to make tin oxide gas sensors. These sensors are used for detecting various gases, including carbon monoxide and flammable gases, making them important for safety applications.

Laboratory Reagent: In laboratories, SnCl4 is used as a reagent in various chemical reactions and tests. It’s often used for chlorination and as a dehydrating agent.

Semiconductor Industry: It is sometimes used in the semiconductor industry as a dopant source for tin ions in the production of certain types of semiconductors and thin-film materials.

Fire Retardants:  SnCl4 has been used in the production of fire retardant materials, although its use for this purpose has declined due to environmental concerns.