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Titanium Carbide Powder MXene Phase

Titanium Carbide Powder MXene Phase

Titanium Carbide Powder MXene Phase

Product No. NRE-59014
CAS No. 12363-89-2
Formula Ti3C2Tx
Molecular Weight 167.62 g/mol
APS < 40 μm
Purity 99.9%
Form Powder

Titanium Carbide Powder MXene Phase

Energy Storage:

Supercapacitors: Ti3C2Tx has excellent electrical conductivity and a large surface area, making it a promising material for supercapacitors. It can store and deliver energy quickly, making it suitable for high-power applications.

Electromagnetic Shielding:

EMI Shielding: MXenes can be used as coatings or in composites to provide electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding. They can protect electronic devices from external interference.


Catalysts: Ti3C2Tx can serve as catalyst support for various reactions, including hydrogen evolution reactions (HER), oxygen reduction reactions (ORR), and more. Its high conductivity and large surface area enhance catalytic activity.

Water Treatment:

Adsorbents: Ti3C2Tx MXene can be functionalized to improve its adsorption capabilities. It can be used to remove heavy metals, organic pollutants, and other contaminants from water.


Gas Sensors: Ti3C2Tx can be used in gas sensors due to its sensitivity to certain gases. By functionalizing the MXene surface, it can selectively detect specific gases, making it valuable for environmental monitoring and industrial safety.

Flexible Electronics:

Flexible Electronics: Ti3C2Tx can be incorporated into flexible electronic devices due to its bendable nature. This makes it suitable for applications like flexible displays, wearable technology, and bendable electronics.

Biomedical Applications:

Drug Delivery: MXenes can be used as drug carriers in targeted drug delivery systems.

Bioimaging: Functionalized MXenes can be used as contrast agents in bioimaging techniques such as MRI and CT scans.

Coatings and Composites:

Corrosion Protection: Ti3C2Tx can be used as a protective coating to prevent corrosion of materials like metals.

Reinforcements: It can be added to polymers, ceramics, and other materials to enhance their mechanical and electrical properties.

Energy Conversion:

Photodetectors and Photovoltaics: MXenes have been studied for their potential use in photodetectors and photovoltaic devices due to their good light absorption properties.

Water Splitting:

MXenes, including Ti3C2Tx, have shown promise in water-splitting applications, which are essential for hydrogen production.