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Vanadium Nanopowder
Vanadium Nanopowder / Nanoparticles (V,99.9%, <100nm)
September 28, 2017
Tungsten Nanopowder
Tungsten Nanopowder / Nanoparticles (W, 99.9%, <800 nm)
September 28, 2017
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Tungsten Nanopowder / Nanoparticles (W, 99.9%, <100 nm)

Tungsten Nanopowder / Nanoparticles (W, 99.9%, <100 nm)

Tungsten Nanopowder / Nanoparticles (W, 99.9%, <100 nm)
Product No. CAS No. Formula Molecular Weight APS Purity Color Morphology
NRE-1195 7440-33-7    W 183.84 g/mol <100 nm(can be customized) 99.9%   Grey black Spherical
Density 3.6 g/cm³
Melting Point 3422 °C
Boiling Point 5930 °C
Certificate of Analysis
W Nb C Fe Mo O Other
99.9% 0.01% 0.01% 200ppm 50ppm 50ppm 300ppm

Tungsten (W) Powder Main purpose: Used carbide, diamond tools, heavy alloy, tungsten-rhenium thermocouple material, contact alloys..


Tungsten Nanopowder / Nanoparticles Applications

  • Color and pigment. Used as a colorant and pigment in various ceramics and other compound materials.
  • Alloys. Can be used when producing certain forms of metal tungsten and tungsten alloys.
  • Data storage. Used to produce high-density memory storage devices.
  • Conductors. This material is frequently used for its electromagnetic properties to produce conductors and conducting nanofluids.
  • Semi-conductors. Tungsten powders can also be used to produce certain composite semi-conducting materials.
  • Mechanochemical. The various mechanicochemical application can take advantage of the unique properties of tungsten. Specifically of use in solar energy conversion, smart windows, and related technologies.
  • Optics. Like many nanoparticles, tungsten offers unique optical properties as smaller scales, unseen at larger scales. This makes it useful in certain displays and imaging applications.

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