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Zirconium Powder / Zr Powder (Zr, 99%, metal basis)

2um Zr powder – 0.5wt% hydrogen content. Usually zirconium metal powder are used in sintering. Temperature to 700 degrees, hydrogen content will naturally dehydrogenated, so there is no impact on performance.

Zirconium Powder
Product No NRE-8058
CAS No. 7440-67-7
Formula Zr
Molecular Weight 91.22g/mol
APS <75 um(can be customized)
Purity 99% (metal basis)
Density 6.52 kg/m3
Color Silvery -White
Melting Point 1852 °C
Boiling Point 4377°C

Zirconium Powder Uses

Zirconium does not absorb neutrons, making it an ideal material for use in nuclear power plants. More than 90% of zirconium is used in this way. Nuclear reactors can have more than 100,000 meters of zirconium alloy tubes. With niobium, zirconium is superconducting at low temperatures and is used to make superconducting magnets.

The metal zirconium is protected by a thin layer of oxide which makes it exceptionally resistant to corrosion by acids, alkalis, and seawater. For this reason, it is widely used by the chemical industry.

Zirconium oxide (IV) is used in ultra-resistant ceramic. It is used for the production of crucibles that resist thermal shocks, furnace linings, bricks, abrasives, and in the glass and ceramic industries. It’s so strong you can even make scissors and knives. It is also used in cosmetics, antiperspirants, food packaging, and for producing microwave filters.

Zircon is a natural semiprecious gem that is found in a variety of colors. The most desirable have a golden tone. The element was discovered for the first time in this form, resulting in its name. Cubic Zirconia (zirconium oxide) is a synthetic gem. The colorless stones, when cut, resemble diamonds.

Zirconia mixed with vanadium or praseodymium produces blue and yellow pigments for glazed ceramics.