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Copper Monosulfide Powder / CuS Powder (CuS, 15um, 99%)

Copper Monosulfide Powder

Copper Monosulfide Powder
Product No NRE-11078
CAS No. 1317-40-4
Formula CuS
Molecular Weight  95.611 g/mol
APS 15um(can be customized)
Purity 99%
Density 4.76 g/cm3
Color Black
Melting Point 500 °C
Boiling Point NA

Copper Monosulfide Powder

Copper monosulphide is a chemical compound of copper and sulfur. It occurs naturally as the dark indigo blue mineral covellite. He is a moderate electricity driver. A black colloidal precipitate of CuS is formed when hydrogen sulfide, H2S, is bubbled through solutions of Cu (II) salts. It is one of a series of copper and sulfur binary compounds (see copper sulfide for a general description of this topic) and has aroused interest in its possible uses in catalysis and photovoltaics.