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Iron Nitride Powder

Iron Nitride Powder

Iron Nitride Powder
Product No NRE-11136
CAS 37245-77-5
Purity 99.9%
Formula FeN
APS <40 µm (can be customized)
Color Gray
Molecular Weight NA
Density NA
Melting Point NA
Boiling Point NA

Iron Nitride Powder

Iron nitride powder has various applications across different industries due to its unique properties. Some of its key applications include:

Magnetic Materials: Iron nitride powder is used in the production of high-performance permanent magnets, particularly for applications in electric motors, generators, and magnetic sensors.

Catalysts: They can serve as a catalyst in various chemical reactions, owing to their catalytic properties. It finds applications in the synthesis of ammonia, which is used in the production of fertilizers and other chemicals.

Biomedical Applications: FeN powder has potential in the field of biomedical engineering, particularly in the development of biocompatible materials, drug delivery systems, and contrast agents in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Electronics: It can be used in electronic devices, such as magnetic recording media, and sensors, and as a potential material for spintronics applications due to its magnetic properties.

Energy Storage: FeN powder has shown promise in the development of next-generation energy storage devices, such as batteries and supercapacitors, owing to its high conductivity and magnetic properties.

Ceramics and Coatings: It is utilized in the production of ceramic materials and coatings, offering improved mechanical and thermal properties to the finished products.

Nanotechnology: FeN powder is used in various nanotechnological applications, including the production of nanocomposites and nanodevices, due to its unique magnetic and electrical properties at the nanoscale.

Aerospace and Automotive Industry: It finds applications in the aerospace and automotive industries, primarily in the development of lightweight, high-strength materials for structural components, engines, and gears.